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Great Potential Indonesian Crafts

"Crafting Quality manikam (stone jewelry) grew 15 percent. This is a good trend, the contribution of the creative economy to the national economy, "the President said.

To support the economic growth of this craft, the President requested that the sales market model stone jewelry Jewelry & this continues to be improved by finding a broader market of information within and outside the country. So, with a large demand, the production of jewelry stones can continue to be encouraged.

The president also suggested that the craftsmen continue to increase its capital through encouraging large employers or through a partnership with the banking credit to SMEs, and used to improve the production technology so that the better quality.

Creativity jewelry stone production is also expected to be increased in order of production competitiveness of Indonesian jewelry stones do not fail with the same goods from another country.

"Crafts and jewelry, the better our quality, design and his work was not lost with the products of other countries. This is among others made me diligent to open exhibitions like this, "he said.

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